The Alexander Technique is a simple and practical method for self- improvement and self-help. Anyone can benefit.

Over the years we develop habits of movement and tension that cause backache, stiff necks, voice and breathing problems and a host of other conditions. All too often we accept these as part of life. It needn’t be that way.

The human body is a remarkable instrument, but modern life takes its toll.

The Alexander Technique helps unravel the years of tense muscles and poor postural habits. It teaches you how to avoid unnecessary strain and tension in everyday activities – standing, walking, sitting, bending, or even using a computer.

By learning to release tension, move more fluently and minimise your own bad habits, you’ll find the Technique will help you feel calmer, taller, lighter, and looser.

Some people come to the Alexander Technique purely to enhance their general feeling of wellbeing and to take control of their body. This is especially true of singers, actors and sportsmen and women all seeking to improve performance. Others use the Alexander Technique in order to alleviate pain, stress or discomfort.