Voice & Breathing

Anyone can benefit from breathing lessons. From those with breathing diseases to athletes and performing artists, breathing lessons can help you.

Good breathing is a sign of equilibrium and of good physical, mental and emotional health. Sound breathing naturally supplies the amount of oxygen the body needs according to its activity at a given moment.

Most people breathe about 17 times per minute, or almost 25,000 times per day. In optimal breathing the diaphragm performs as the main muscle of respiration.

Inefficiencies can develop in breathing when muscles other than the diaphragm take on a larger role causing, over time, the diaphragm to weaken, making each breath less coordinated and less efficient.

Using the Alexander Technique the teacher helps you let go of tension and come back to a natural relationship with your body. Breathing improves and as you express yourself more freely you will feel more whole, confident and connected with yourself and the world around you.

Our voices often do not truly express who we are, due to lack of confidence or physical or emotional tension. When we speak we may feel vocal strain, shortness of breath or neck tension. If we sing we may find it difficult to project our voice and let the sound freely resonate. Through voice work you can learn to overcome these hurdles.

Who can benefit?

  • Those who are nervous about public speaking

  • Anyone who wants to sing

  • People who mumble or need help with speech/articulation

  • People who have “lost their voice” through operations/accidents/emotional stress

  • Professional actors, storytellers, singers

  • Children who would like to sing with spontaneity