Health & Fitness

Changing how you go about your day-to-day activities can help you de-stress, enhance your sense of well-being and get more out of life. 

An Alexander Technique lesson can provide an oasis of calm in a busy day – a chance to take sunsettime out and refresh your senses.

The Alexander Technique is not a treatment, but a learning process that allows change to occur naturally at your own pace.

Applying the Alexander Technique to your everyday life can help you ease or manage health problems associated with tension or poor posture – e.g. back or neck pain, work-related upper limb disorders (RSI), musculoskeletal problems, stress-related conditions, breathing disorders etc.

It helps you support your health by reducing further wear and tear on your body.

Because the Technique also involves the mind and the nervous system, it is a great aid in being more calm and more focused in all one’s activities.

A better understanding of how the body is coordinated allows one to prevent the causes of many such problems – or at least to minimise further damage.