About Pat Brown

Pat Brown has been studying the technique since 1986 and qualified from the North of England Teaching Centre for the Alexander Technique in 1994. She is a member of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT).

Prior to and during her three years training, she spent nine years working in an educational unit for people with profound learning difficulties. She used an approach developed by Dr Geoffrey Waldon, whose philosophy is based on the fact that all meaning comes from movement. She found that this approach complemented Alexander’s ideas and the Technique helped her to look after herself and her pupils while she did this exacting but rewarding work.

Pat has produced merchandise for sale to help STAT funds. She served on STAT council for several years setting up a list of regional contacts. She held the offices of treasurer and secretary and served on the Publicity committee. She was PCC Co-ordinator and organised CPD for a short while. She was part of a team which organised a conference in 2009 and is helping to organise another one next year.

‘Time invested is more than paid
for in lifelong benefits’

Pat Brown MSTAT
Alexander Technique Teacher
Leeds, Yorkshire